Use this career change quiz to reduce your risk of making the wrong career change

Making a career change you won’t regret requires that you consider certain job satisfaction factors. The 5 factors that lower your risk of making the wrong career change, are included here at this career change quiz.

How to know if a career change will be a good fit

There are 5 simple questions that determine if a career change that you are considering is a good fit for you.

And this 5 question checklist works regardless of your work experience or education.

The 5 factors that determine what career you should go into.

The secret is to evaluate your career path like a business does, making sure you evaluate key aspects of what will make your job fulfilling and well-paid.

Every successful business follows 5 marketing evaluation principles.

A business will evaluate:

  1. What is our business model?
  2. What is our competitive advantage
  3. What is our brand
  4. Who is our target market
  5. What field can we best thrive in

You can evaluate your next career using these same 5 factors for yourself, and will be assured of a meaningful career path.

Career quiz for adults

These 5 factors will be exceptionally useful if you are an adult making a career change. Being that you have work experience, they will guide you to understanding what career you should go into.

If you are  making a midlife career change in your 40’s and 50’s

If you are making a midlife career change, its an opportunity to get  on the right track. These 5 factors work well as a career change quiz at 40 or at 50. Why go through the rest of your life in the wrong job?

These 5  factors insure you are checking off all the key requirements to you ideal career.

If you looking for a new career in your 30’s

In your 30’s, use these 5 factors to give you a chance to line up the career path that will guide you for a lifetime. So you don’t end up in a dead end job, underemployed. They also insure you don’t bounce around from job to job.

Why personality tests and career quizzes don’t work well to choose a new career

If you’ve tried career quizzes or personality tests, you may have been let down with the results.

This is because they evaluate you using psychology theories, not practical business concepts. So they just end up putting you into a personality type category.

Some of these personality tests are based on psychology theories that are 80 years old.

Why aptitude tests do not define your destiny

Aptitude measure your aptitude for math, language, science and other factors.

However, having an aptitude for something, doesn’t  mean you want you will be fulfilled doing it all day. For example, you may have an aptitude for math, but it doesn’t mean you want to be a bookkeeper or accountant.  

Use this career change quiz to generate career ideas and career options

You can generate some terrific career ideas by answering each of the 5 questions in this career quiz. Go through each question and ask your self what careers would reflect that factor.

For example if you ask yourself “What is my competitive advantage?” your answers can generate several good career options to consider.

Final Thoughts Making a career change is a big move for most of us. Knowing the right questions to ask will insure you choose a fulfilling career path you will love for a lifetime.

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